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Project management ideas are being espoused daily from the blogosphere - whether you're looking for advice on mundane job-related issues, or long-winded diatribes comparing the job to the storyline in a movie. There are clues of insight and intrigue aplenty amongst hundreds of resources for the millions out there in search of a great idea they can apply to their working P3M lives.

The P3M Blog (that's Project, Programme and Portfolio Management Blog in layman's terms) from PM-Partners aspires to be one of those resources. Sure, as a P3M Consultancy and an accredited project management training provider, we'll talk about courses: as a different kind of trainer, we're more likely to talk about the application of those course ideals into practice. We'll draw from lessons we've learned along the way, products that will serve you best, industry practices that practitioners need to be aware of, and even, to paraphrase what Kanye once said, what happens when it all falls down.

For all kinds of matters related to training, delivery and consulting in project, programme and portfolio management (P3M), this is the place to be...

Welcome to the PM-Partners P3M Blog!

The P3M Blog from PM-Partners

Business Change and #p3m Competence

PM-Partners' Business change (or, if you prefer, business transformation) is a reality in the ever-evolving 21st Century commercial, public and third sector landscape. What you cannot afford to forget about is how essential competent project, programme and portfolio management (that's #p3m for short) will be in determining the long-term effectiveness and capabilities of those initiatives.

#PMFlashBlog: Project Management Around the World - London Calling

PM-Partners' Dan Strayer is pleased to offer some insights in this latest edition of #PMFlashBlog - Project Management Around the World - from an English perspective that can satisfy global needs for the change that projects represent to the 21st Century organisation.

The Pitfalls of Project Estimating and How to Avoid Them

PM-Partners' Project Management Consultant Derek Bland tackles a tailored list of the nine pitfalls you're likely to encounter during project estimating. Read on about The Pitfalls of Project Estimating and How to Avoid Them.

Voyages of Discovery: Part II - From Higher Education to Project Management

PM-Partners' PM Consultant Nick Sharpe shares reasons why he was attracted to project management, explains its increasing attraction as a career choice for recent graduates, and reflects on personal experiences as a relative newcomer to the area.

Project Neglect: Four Overlooked Tasks for Starting Projects

Do you give lip service to some otherwise important matters that need addressing at project initiation? PM-Partners' Katharine Thornber lists four big things that too often get put on the backburner or ignored altogether, and why you can't afford to ignore them.

Ten Reasons to Think Beyond PRINCE2

PM-Partners' Mike Austin lists ten reasons why the PRINCE2 certification attainment alone does not a project manager make. Aside from other AXELOS courses like MSP, MoP, MoR and Agile Project Management, your career path in project management is dictated by more than just the PRINCE2 Practitioner we've all been sold as the ultimate prerequisite. though it doesn't hurt, it is neither the be all, end all, too.

Project Management Lessons from Hollywood: Risk

PM-Partners' Dan Strayer pulls out some prime examples of risk management in popular culture as lessons for modern project managers. With clips from "The Last King of Scotland", "Apollo 13", and "Moneyball", risk management principles like communication, sceptical analysis, and innovative leadership are competencies that can pave the way toward stellar risk assessment, identification and management.

The Conscientious Project Manager

PM-Partners' Derek Bland takes a moment to help project managers better organise their time. PM Partners is a Portfolio, Programme and Project Management consultancy and trainer that modernises the design and implementation of project management methods and so can help define and/or streamline your processes.

For further information on this or any PM-Partners service please contact us on 01962 67 63 21 or info@pmpartners.co.uk.

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